Viera, Feliciano (1872–1927)

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Viera, Feliciano (1872–1927)

Feliciano Viera (b. 8 November 1872; d. 13 November 1927), president of Uruguay (1915–1919). Viera was the son of a veteran colonel of the Colorados who fought in the internal wars of Uruguay. At first a proponent of Batllismo, he separated from the main body of this group and gave rise to a splinter faction known as Vierismo. More conservative than José Batlle and his reformist followers, Viera maintained a popular and charismatic style. After the failure of the Batllist constitutional project at the polls in 1916, Viera became the main force behind a movement to halt the social reforms that had characterized previous periods. In this way, Viera obtained a vote of confidence from the conservatives, which he in fact never betrayed. The political faction his actions had generated lost relevance with his death.

See alsoBatllismo .


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