Superintendency of Agrarian Reform (SUPRA)

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Superintendency of Agrarian Reform (SUPRA)

SUPRA, established in October 1962, was an executive-branch agency charged with implementing the rural policies of President João Goulart, including land and labor reforms. SUPRA distributed some land to landless peasants and started a campaign to form 2,000 unions, establish 500 labor courts, and register 3 million new voters by 1965. To do this, SUPRA opened dozens of regional offices and contracted experienced Communist and Catholic labor organizers. The effort was to regiment the fractious rural labor movement and thereby weaken the rural oligarchy. Hundreds of new unions had been established by April 1964, when the military coup d'état outlawed SUPRA and persecuted its agents for subversion.

See alsoGoulart, João Belchior Marques .


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