Superman: The Movie

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Superman: The Movie ★★★½ 1978 (PG)

The DC Comics legend comes alive in this wonderfully entertaining saga of Superman's life from a baby on the doomed planet Krypton (with Brando as Supe's dad) to Earth's own Man of Steel (a chiseled Reeve). Hackman and Beatty pair marvelously as super criminal Lex Luthor and his bumbling sidekick Otis, while Kidder is an intelligent Lois Lane. Award-winning special effects and a script that doesn't take itself too seriously make this great fun. Followed by three sequels. 152m/C VHS, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, HD DVD . Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, Marlon Brando, Gene Hackman, Glenn Ford, Susannah York, Ned Beatty, Valerie Perrine, Jackie Cooper, Marc McClure, Trevor Howard, Sarah Douglas, Terence Stamp, Jack O'Halloran, Phyllis Thaxter; D: Richard Donner; W: Mario Puzo, Robert Benton, David Newman; C: Geoffrey Unsworth; M: John Williams. Oscars ‘78: Visual FX.