Rodríguez Cerna, José (1885–1952)

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Rodríguez Cerna, José (1885–1952)

José Rodríguez Cerna (b. 18 September 1885; d. 20 July 1952), Guatemalan novelist, poet, and journalist. Rodríguez is considered the first Guatemalan modernist poet and novelist. He graduated from the University of San Carlos with a legal degree in 1904 but never practiced law professionally. Among his literary works are El poema de la Antigua (1915), Tierra de sol y de montaña (1930), and Bajo las alas del águila (1942). Rodríguez's career in journalism included service as the editor-in-chief of the newspaper La República and the magazine Centro América. He was a contributing writer for other Guatemalan and Salvadoran newspapers. Rodríguez at times wrote under the pseudonyms Hernani, Barba Azul, Martín Paz, Casa Roja, and Juan Chapin.

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Rodríguez Cerna, José (1885–1952)

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Rodríguez Cerna, José (1885–1952)