Paz García, Policarpo (1932–1991)

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Paz García, Policarpo (1932–1991)

Policarpo Paz García (b. 1932; d. 1991), president of Honduras (25 July 1980–27 January 1982). Paz was commander of the armed forces under President Juan Melgar Castro (1975–1978). Leader of the military junta that overthrew Melgar Castro on 7 August 1978, he acted as chief of state and chief of the armed forces until the Constituent Assembly elected him provisional president of Honduras. Under Paz, land reform slowed and external debt accelerated. His government was reputedly corrupt, and rumors persisted of his mafia and drug trafficking ties. The United States liberally supplied aid to Honduras under Paz, considering his government a bulwark against the communist regime in Nicaragua.

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