Paz Baraona, Miguel (1863–1937)

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Paz Baraona, Miguel (1863–1937)

Miguel Paz Baraona (b. 1863; d. 1937) president of Honduras (1925–1929). Dr. Miguel Paz Baraona, a civilian member of the Nationalist Party, was elected president almost unanimously in 1925 (the Liberals abstained from voting). His election, which marked the final phase of the bloody civil war between multiple bands of rival warlords that had erupted in Honduras in 1924, gradually restored domestic tranquillity to Honduras. Peace enabled the banana companies to resume their expansion, which within a few years made Honduras the premier banana exporter in the world. An even more auspicious breakthrough was the Lyall Plan, which Paz negotiated with the British bondholders association for the reduction and repayment of the country's crippling foreign debt.

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