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Parral, an important mining center in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Though prospectors were active in the area as early as the 1560s, it was not until 1631 that the first major silver strike occurred, creating a rush and the foundation of San José del Parral. Because the nonsedentary Chichimecs of the region could not be used as tribute labor, an attempt was made to organize encomiendas among the Concho, a semisedentary indigenous group. When this proved unsuccessful, mine operators turned to other sources of labor, including a small number of indigenous people enslaved by war. However, the employment of African slaves and large numbers of free workers of various ethnicities were the norm from almost the beginning. Through the colonial era and beyond, Parral's mines typically experienced numerous booms and busts. The town achieved a different kind of notoriety on 20 July 1923, when Pancho Villa was assassinated there.

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