National Salvation Front (Lebanon)

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lebanese nationalist group.

After the signing of the agreement between Amin Jumayyil's government and Israel on 17 May 1983, opposition groups and politicians met to commit themselves to aborting the accord. The three founders of the National Salvation Front were Su-layman Franjiyya, Rashid Karame, and Walid Jumblatt. Minor members of the Front were the Lebanese Communist Party and the Syrian Social Nationalist Party. All of these groups were loyal to the Syrian regime and opposed Jumayyil's government, which was then, with U.S. support, launching a war against the opposition. The Front wanted to annul the agreement with Israel, which amounted to a peace treaty, and to oppose the Phalangist takeover of the Lebanese government and administration under Jumayyil. The Front cooperated with Nabih Berri of the AMAL movement, and as a result of direct Syrian military and political support was able to pressure Jumayyil to nullify the agreement.

see also amal; berri, nabi; franjiyya, su-layman; jumayyil, amin; jumblatt, walid; karame, rashid; syrian social nationalist party.

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National Salvation Front (Lebanon)

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National Salvation Front (Lebanon)