Instituto Politécnico Nacional

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Instituto Politécnico Nacional

The National Polytechnic Institute is a Mexican public university system with a presence in fourteen states. It focuses on undergraduate and graduate technical degrees. The institute was founded in 1936 during the administration of President Lázaro Cárdenas del Rio with the goal of providing free technical education to workers and peasants in order to advance the economic, social, and political development of Mexico. In addition to its college and postgraduate programs and research centers, the university system incorporates a number of high schools. The university operates independently with regard to the administration of its patrimony and its self-generated income. It operates a TV station based in Mexico City that offers cultural and scientific programming as well as foreign films and TV shows. In 2006 the university's name was inscribed in gold letters on the Wall of Honor of the Plenary Sessions Hall of the Chamber of Deputies in Mexico City.

See alsoCárdenas del Río, Lázaro; Universities: The Modern Era.


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Instituto Politécnico Nacional

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