Ibarguren, Carlos (1877–1956)

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Ibarguren, Carlos (1877–1956)

Carlos Ibarguren (b. 18 April 1877; d. 3 April 1956), Argentine statesman and nationalist intellectual. A distinguished lawyer, Ibarguren served as under secretary of finance and under secretary of agriculture during President Julio Argentino Roca's second administration (1898–1904). He subsequently became secretary of the Federal Supreme Court (1906–1912) and minister of justice and education, under President Roque Sáenz Peña (1912–1913). One of the founders of the Democratic Progressive Party in 1914, he was a candidate for the presidency in 1922. As a historian, he was awarded a national prize for his work Juan Manuel de Rosas: Su vida, su tiempo, su drama (1930). He supported General José Félix Uriburu's 1930 military coup and that same year was appointed interventor (delegate of the federal government) in the province of Córdoba, where he made it clear he shared Uriburu's belief in the need for a corporatist reorganization of the country's economic and political institutions. The corporatist leanings of the "nationalist revolution" were made even more explicit in Ibarguren's La inquietud de esta hora (1934), clearly inspired by the corporatist experiments of Italy, Germany, Austria, and Portugal, and by Pope Pius XI's encyclical Quadragesimo anno (1934). Although plans for a constitutional reform along those lines did not prosper, Ibarguren became one of the leading intellectuals of the nationalist reaction against the classical model of liberal democracy.

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