Concha, Andrés de la (c. 1554–1612)

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Concha, Andrés de la (c. 1554–1612)

Andrés de la Concha (b. ca. 1554; d. after 1612), painter and architect. Born in Seville and trained there in the mannerist style, possibly under Peter Kempeneer, Concha went to New Spain in 1567, with a contract to execute the main retablo at Yanhuitlán. Among the many works by Concha referred to in documents, numerous paintings and altarpieces were for the Dominican order in Oaxaca and Mexico City. A good number survive, such as the panels at Yanhuitlán, Coixtlahuaca, and Tamazulapán. In addition, the paintings that were formerly attributed to the Master of Santa Cecilia are now credited to Concha. Concha was named maestro mayor of the cathedral of Mexico City in 1601, and most of his activity after that year was architectural. This lends weight to a recent hypothesis that there were two artists of the same name, one a painter and the other an architect.

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