Chico Anísio (1932–)

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Chico Anísio (1932–)

Chico Anísio (Francisco Anísio de Oliveira Paulo Filho) is a Brazilian television personality and fiction writer. Chico Anísio created a variety of memorable television characters, including Santelmo, Coronel Limoeiro, and the Mayor of Chico City. His style of humor has been equally successful in his fiction. Chico Anísio aims for the jugular through satire and social critique presented in a direct, oral, and truly popular language and style. A predominant theme in his work is the desperation of society's marginalized population. The stories in Feijoada no Copa (1976) censure the upper classes for their insensitivity toward the reality surrounding them. The collection of stories Teje preso (1975) focuses on his own northeastern roots and the region's traditions. He produced various television programs, including Lingüinha x Mr. Yes, a children's show that ran from 1971 to 1972; Chico City (1973–1980); Chico Total (1981); and Chico Anísio Show (1982–1990). Between 1990 and 2001, his show A Escolinha do Professor Raimundo ran on Brazil's TV Globo network. He played the protagonist's father in the Brazilian movie Tieta do Agreste (1996). He is also the author of Como segurar seu casamento (2005).

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Chico Anísio (1932–)

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