Argüello, Santiago (1791–1862)

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Argüello, Santiago (1791–1862)

Santiago Argüello (b. 1791; d. 1862), Spanish military and civilian official in New Spain and Mexican California. Born at Monterey, California, he began his career as an officer in the Spanish army and later served the Mexican government until 1834. Described as tall, stout, and of fair complexion, Argüello was appointed alcalde of San Diego in 1836 and prefect of Los Angeles in 1840. He also served as administrator of the former mission at San Juan Capistrano from 1838 to 1840. Argüello's lands included Rancho Tia Juana, Rancho Trabuco, and the San Diego Mission estate, which were granted to him in 1829, 1841, and 1846, respectively. He and his wife, Pilar Ortega, of Santa Barbara, had twenty-two children, many of whom became influential in Mexican California society.

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Argüello, Santiago (1791–1862)

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