Albuquerque, Antônio Francisco de Paula (1797–1863)

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Albuquerque, Antônio Francisco de Paula (1797–1863)

Antônio Francisco de Paula Albuquerque (b. 1797; d. 1863), Brazilian imperial statesman, senator, and Liberal politician. Albuquerque was educated in Germany and began his career in the military, serving in Mozambique, in Macao, and in the 1824 revolt in Pernambuco. He retired with the rank of lieutenant colonel in 1832. Albuquerque represented his home state, Pernambuco, in both the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. He ran unsuccessfully for regent in 1835 and 1838. Albuquerque served in eight different cabinets: as minister of the treasury in 1830, 1831, 1832, 1846, and 1852; as minister of the empire, in 1832 and 1839; as minister of justice in 1839; as minister of war in 1844; and as minister of the navy in 1840, 1844, and 1846. He was appointed counselor of the state in 1850 and was awarded the title of viscount.

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Albuquerque, Antônio Francisco de Paula (1797–1863)

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