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wring / ring/ • v. (past wrung / ng/ ) [tr.] squeeze and twist (something) to force liquid from it: she wrung the cloth out in the sink. ∎  [tr.] extract (liquid) by squeezing and twisting something: I wrung out the excess water. ∎  break (an animal's neck) by twisting it forcibly. ∎  squeeze (someone's hand) tightly, esp. with sincere emotion. ∎  [tr.] obtain (something) with difficulty or effort: few concessions were wrung from the government. ∎  cause pain or distress to: the letter must have wrung her heart.• n. [in sing.] an act of squeezing or twisting something.PHRASES: wring one's hands clasp and twist one's hands together as a gesture of great distress, esp. when one is powerless to change the situation.

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