Wrightson, (Alice) Patricia

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WRIGHTSON, (Alice) Patricia

WRIGHTSON, (Alice) Patricia. Australian, b. 1921. Genres: Children's fiction. Career: Secretary and Administration, Bonalbo District Hospital, 1946-60, and Sydney District Nursing Association, 1960-64; Assistant Ed., 1964-70, and Ed., 1970-75, School Magazine, Sydney. Publications: The Crooked Snake, 1955; The Bunyip Hole, 1958; The Rocks of Honey, 1960; The Feather Star, 1962; Down to Earth, 1965; I Own the Racecourse! (in U.S. as A Racecourse for Andy), 1968; An Older Kind of Magic, 1972; (ed.) Beneath the Sun: An Australian Collection for Children, 1972; The Nargun and the Stars, 1973; The Ice Is Coming, 1977; (ed.) Emu Stew (anthology), 1977; The Dark Bright Water, 1979; Behind the Wind (in U.S. as Journey behind the Wind), 1981; A Little Fear, 1983; Night Outside, 1985; Moon- Dark, 1987; Balyet, 1989; The Sugar-Gum Tree, 1992; Shadows of Time, 1994; Rattler's Place, 1997. Address: PO Box 91, Maclean, NSW 2463, Australia.