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sus·pend / səˈspend/ • v. [tr.] (usu. be suspended) 1. temporarily prevent from continuing or being in force or effect: work on the dam was suspended. ∎  officially prohibit (someone) from holding their usual post or carrying out their usual role for a particular length of time: two officers were suspended from duty pending the outcome of the investigation. ∎  defer or delay (an action, event, or judgment): the judge suspended judgment until January 15. ∎  Law (of a judge or court) cause (an imposed sentence) to be unenforced as long as no further offense is committed within a specified period: the sentence was suspended for six months| [as adj.] (suspended) a suspended jail sentence. 2. hang (something) from somewhere: the light was suspended from the ceiling. 3. (be suspended) (of solid particles) be dispersed throughout the bulk of a fluid: the paste contains collagen suspended in a salt solution. PHRASES: suspend disbelief temporarily allow oneself to believe something that isn't true, esp. in order to enjoy a work of fiction. suspend payment (of a company) cease to meet its financial obligations as a result of insolvency or insufficient funds.

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