Susko, Mario 1941–

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Susko, Mario 1941–

(Mario Suško)

PERSONAL: Born December 17, 1941, in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia (now Bosnia and Herzegovina); married; wife's name Maria; children: Klea, Alexandria. Ethnicity: "Croat." Education: University of Sarajevo, B.A., 1965; State University New York at Stony Brook, M.A., 1969, Ph.D., 1973. Religion: Catholic.

ADDRESSES: Office—Department of English, Nassau Community College of the State University of New York, Garden City, NY, 11530-6793.

CAREER: Nassau Community College of the State University of New York, Garden City, English teacher. New York University, adjunct professor; also taught at University of Sarajevo. Instituto Italiano di Cultura di Napoli, member of scientific committee.

MEMBER: Croatian Writers' Union, Academy of American Poets.

AWARDS, HONORS: Telegram Award for poetry, 1965; A.B. Simic Award for an essay, 1970; B.H. Literary Translators' Union Annual Award, 1983; Veselin Masleša Publishing House Award, for Saul Bellow: Works, 1991; grant from Council of Europe, 1993–94; Nassau Review Poetry Award, 1997; Premio Internazio-nale di Poesia e Letteratura "Nuove Lettere," 1998; Tin Ujevic Award of Croatia, 2000.



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Contributor of poetry to periodicals, including Nassau Review, Seneca Review, Wind, Dream Catchers, and Potato Eyes.


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(Editor and translator, with David Harsent) Savremena britanska poezija (title means "Contemporary British Poetry"), Médunarodna Književna Manifestacija (Sarajevo, Yugoslavia), 1988.

(Editor, translator, and author of introduction) Savremena američka poezija (title means "Contemporary American Poetry"), Médunarodna Književna Manifestacija (Sarajevo, Yugoslavia), 1990.

Editor and translator of numerous other works into Croatian, often under the name Mario Suško.

Susko's work has been translated into other languages, including Italian.

SIDELIGHTS: Poet Mario Susko once told CA: "I am an author who is displaced and fights literally for his literary survival. One cannot be really accepted as a writer in another language, but one can surely try to remain faithful to one's own beliefs that language is a creative force, whether it be English, Italian, or Croatian."



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