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such / ch/ • adj. & pron. 1. of the type previously mentioned: [as adj.] I have been involved in many such courses [as pron.] we were second-class citizens and they treated us as such. 2. (such —— as/that) of the type about to be mentioned: [as adj.] there is no such thing as a free lunch [as pron.] the wound was such that I had to have stitches. 3. to so high a degree; so great (often used to emphasize a quality): [as adj.] this material is of such importance that it has a powerful bearing on the case [as pron.] such is the elegance of his typeface that it is still a favorite of designers. PHRASES: and such and similar things: he had activities like the scouts and Sunday school and such in the exact sense of the word: it is possible to stay overnight here although there is no guest house as such.such and such (or such-and-such) used to refer vaguely to a person or thing that does not need to be specified: they'll want to know what actor played such-and-such a character.such as1. for example: wildflowers such as daisies and red clover.2. of a kind that; like: an event such as we've shared.such as it is (or they are) what little there is; for what it's worth: the law, such as it is, will be respected.such a one such a person or thing: what was the reward for such a one as Fox?such that to the extent that: the linking of sentences such that they constitute a narrative.

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