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side·ways / ˈsīdˌwāz/ • adv. & adj. to, toward, or from the side: [as adv.] she tilted her body sideways | [as adj.] he hurried toward his office without a sideways glance. ∎  [as adv.] with one side facing forward: the truck slid sideways across the road. ∎  so as to occupy a job or position at the same level as one previously held rather than be promoted or demoted: [as adj.] after the reshuffle there were sideways moves for managers. ∎  by an indirect way: [as adv.] he came into politics sideways, as campaign manager for the president. ∎  [as adj.] from an unconventional or unorthodox viewpoint: take a sideways look at daily life.PHRASES: knock someone sidewayssee knock.

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