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shove / shəv/ • v. [tr.] push (someone or something) roughly: police started pushing and shoving people down the street | [intr.] kids pushed, kicked, and shoved. ∎  [intr.] make one's way by pushing someone or something: Woody shoved past him. ∎  [tr.] put (something) somewhere carelessly or roughly: she shoved the books into her briefcase. ∎  (shove it) inf. used to express angry dismissal of something: I should have told the boss to shove it.• n. [usu. in sing.] a strong push: she gave him a hefty shove and he nearly fell.PHRASAL VERBS: shove off1. [usu. in imper.] inf. go away: shove off—you're bothering the customers.2. push away from the shore or another vessel in a boat.

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