Show Me Love

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Show Me Love ★★ 1999

Sixteenyearold Agnes (Liljeberg) is the new girl in the boring, small Swedish town of Amal. Agnes isn't cool enough to be with the popular crowd (she's a brainy vegetarian) and she's rumored to be a lesbian as well. Agnes does have a crush on bored beauty, Elin (Dahlstrom), who goes to extremes to get her kicks, even making a bet with her sister Jessica (Carlson) about kissing Agnes. Then, shocked by her own reactions, Elin makes out with convenient Johan (Rust). But Elin's betrayal of self leads to selfdiscovery—for both girls. Swedish with subtitles. 89m/C VHS, DVD . SW Rebecca Liljeberg, Alexandra Dahlstrom, Mathias Rust, Erica Carlson, Stefan Horberg, Ralph Carlsson, Maria Hedborg; D: Lukas Moodysson; W: Lukas Moodysson; C: Ulf Brantas.

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