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seek / sēk/ • v. (past sought / sôt/ ) [tr.] attempt to find (something): they came here to seek shelter from biting winter winds. ∎  attempt or desire to obtain or achieve (something): the new regime sought his extradition| [intr.] her parents had never sought to interfere with her freedom. ∎  ask for (something) from someone: he sought help from the police. ∎  (seek someone/something out) search for and find someone or something: it's his job to seek out new customers. ∎ archaic go to (a place): I sought my bedroom each night to brood over it.PHRASES: seek one's fortune travel somewhere in the hope of achieving wealth and seek archaic lacking; not yet found: the end she knew, the means were to seek. ∎  (far to seek) out of reach; a long way off.DERIVATIVES: seek·er n. [often in comb.] a pleasure-seeker a job-seeker.