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sanctify †consecrate, hallow XIV; make holy XV. In earliest use seintifie — OF. saintifier, later influenced by sanctifier — ChrL. sanctificāre, f. L. sanctus holy (see SAINT).
So sanctification XVI. — ChrL. sanctificātiō, -ōn-. sanctimonious †holy, sacred; affecting sanctity. XVII. f. L. sanctimōnia sanctity (whence sanctimony †sanctity XVI; affected holiness XVII. ). sanction †law. decree XVI; (leg.) penalty exacted to compel obedience; clause of a law prescribing this; motive, etc. involved therein; binding force XVII; influential encouragement XVIII. — F. sanction authoritative approval of a law, penalty prescribed in an enactment; (gen.) approval — L. sanctiō, -ōn- act of establishing as inviolable under a penalty, clause decreeing a penalty, f. sanct-, pp. stem of sancīre render inviolable, decree, forbid under penalty, f. var. (with nasal infix) of base of sacer SACRED; hence vb. XVIII. sanctity holiness XIV; sacredness XVII. partly (in forms sauntite, saintite) — OF. sain(c)tité (mod. sainteté); partly immed. — L. sanctitās. sanctuary building for religious worship; part of a church immediately surrounding the altar; sacred place giving immunity from arrest; also fig. XIV. — AN. sanctuarie, (O)F. sanctuaire — L. sanctuārium. sanctum holy place of the Jewish tabernacle XVI; short for sanctum sanctorum in the second sense XIX. — L., n. sg. of sanctus. sanctum sanctorum Holy of Holies of the Jewish temple XIV; person's private retreat XVIII. — L., n. sg. and n. g. pl. of sanctus, tr. ( = LXX tòn hágion tôn hagiōn) of Heb. ḳōdeš haḳḳodāšīm holy of holies. sanctus the ‘angelic hymn’ (see Isa. 6: 3), beginning Sanctus sanctus sanctus Holy, holy, holy, which concludes the preface to the Eucharistic canon. XIV. — L.

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