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re·flex·ive / riˈfleksiv/ • adj. 1. Gram. denoting a pronoun that refers back to the subject of the clause in which it is used, e.g., myself, themselves. ∎  (of a verb or clause) having a reflexive pronoun as its object, e.g., wash oneself.2. (of an action) performed as a reflex, without conscious thought: at concerts like this one, standing ovations have become reflexive.3. Logic (of a relation) always holding between a term and itself.4. (of a method or theory in the social sciences) taking account of itself or of the effect of the personality or presence of the researcher on what is being investigated.• n. a reflexive word or form, esp. a pronoun.DERIVATIVES: re·flex·ive·ly·flex·ive·ness·flex·iv·i·ty / riˌflekˈsivətē; ˌrēˌflek/ n.

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