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pro·duc·tive / prəˈdəktiv; prō-/ • adj. producing or able to produce large amounts of goods, crops, or other commodities: the most productive employees. ∎  relating to or engaged in the production of goods, crops, or other commodities: the country's productive capacity. ∎  achieving or producing a significant amount or result: a long and productive career the therapy sessions became more productive. ∎  (productive of) producing or giving rise to: the unconscious is limitlessly productive of dreams, myths, stories. ∎  Linguistics (of a morpheme or other linguistic unit) currently used in forming new words or expressions: many suffixes are common and productive. ∎  Med. (of a cough) that raises mucus from the respiratory tract.DERIVATIVES: pro·duc·tive·ly·duc·tive·ness n.