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o·ver·all • adj. / ˈōvəˌrôl/ total: an overall cut of 30 percent. ∎  taking everything into account: the overall effect is impressive.• adv. / ˈōvəˈrôl/ in all parts; taken as a whole: overall, 10,000 jobs will go.• n. / ˈōvəˌrôl/ (overalls) a garment consisting of trousers with a front flap over the chest held up by straps over the shoulders, made of sturdy material and worn esp. as casual or working clothes. Also called bib overalls. ∎ Brit. a loose-fitting garment such as a smock worn typically over ordinary clothes for protection against dirt or heavy wear.DERIVATIVES: o·ver·alled / ˈōvəˌrôld/ adj.

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