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out·side / ˈoutˈsīd/ • n. the external side or surface of something: record the date on the outside of the file. ∎  the side of a bend or curve where the edge or surface is longer in extent. ∎  the side of a racetrack further from the center, where the lanes are longer. ∎  the external appearance of someone or something: was he as straight as he appeared on the outside? ∎  (in basketball) the area beyond the perimeter of the defense: he often set up the Lakers' plays from the outside.• adj. 1. situated on or near the exterior or external surface of something: put the outside lights on. ∎  Baseball (of a pitch) passing home plate on the side of the plate away from the batter, not in the strike zone. ∎  (in soccer and other sports) denoting positions nearer to the sides of the field. ∎  (in basketball) taking place beyond the perimeter of the defense: he needs work on his outside shot.2. not belonging to or coming from within a particular group: I have some outside help. ∎  beyond one's own immediate personal concerns: I was able to face the outside world again.3. (of an estimate) the greatest or highest possible: new monthly charges that, according to outside estimates, may total $8 per line.• prep. & adv. 1. situated or moving beyond the boundaries of (a room, building, or other enclosed space): [as prep.] there was a boy outside the door | [as adv.] the dog was still barking outside outside, the wind was as wild as ever. ∎  situated beyond the boundaries of (a particular location): [as prep.] Vincennes, just outside Paris | [as adv.] those in the occupied territories and those outside. ∎  not being a member of (a particular group): [as prep.] those of us outside the university. ∎  (in football, soccer, and other sports) closer to the side of the field than (another player): [as prep.] Swift appeared outside him with Andrews on his left. 2. [prep.] beyond the limits or scope of: the high cost of shipping has put it outside their price range.PHRASES: at the outside (of an estimate) at the most: every minute, or at the outside, every ninety seconds.on the outside away from or not belonging to a particular circle or institution: when you're on the outside, then you have a much better view of what they're doing.on the outside looking in (of a person) excluded from a group or activity.an outside chance a remote possibility.outside of inf. beyond the boundaries of: a village 20 miles outside of New York. ∎  apart from: outside of his family, nobody cares too much about him.

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