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once / wəns/ • adv. 1. on one occasion or for one time only: they deliver once a week. ∎  at all; on even one occasion (used for emphasis): he never once complained if she once got an idea in her head you'd never move it. 2. at some time in the past; formerly: He had once been an Army officer. • conj. as soon as; when: once the grapes were pressed, the juice was put into barrels. PHRASES: all at once 1. without warning; suddenly: all at once the noise stopped. 2. all at the same time: scared and excited all at once. at once 1. immediately: I fell asleep at once. 2. simultaneously: computers that can do many things at once. for once (or this once) on this occasion only, as an exception: He was glad that for once he had not listened. once again (or more) one more time. once and for all (or once for all) now and for the last time; finally. once and future denoting someone or something that is eternal, enduring, or constant. once bitten, twice shy see bite. once (or every once) in a while from time to time; occasionally. once or twice a few times. once upon a time at some time in the past (used as a conventional opening of a story). ∎  formerly: once upon a time she would have been jealous, but no longer.

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