Once Upon a Forest

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Once Upon a Forest ★★ 1993 (G)

Animated tale of three woodland creatures in a daring race against time when their young friend's life is at stake. Ecologically correct story by “American Tail” creator David Kirschner is light on humor and heavy on gloom, as little animals encounter oppressive human society and their big, bad machines. Servicable animation, though not up to Don Bluth standards (and a long, long way from Disney). Crawford, the voice of the wise old uncle, has a song, while Vereen breaks into a fervent gospel number as a marsh bird with a yen for preaching. For an evening of anti-pollution, treat the earth kindly animation, see it with “Ferngully.” 80m/C VHS, DVD. D: Charles Grosvenor; W: Mark Young, Kelly Ward; V: Michael Crawford, Ben Vereen.

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Once Upon a Forest

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