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ob·struct / əbˈstrəkt; äb-/ • v. [tr.] block (an opening, path, road, etc.); be or get in the way of: she was obstructing the entrance. ∎  prevent or hinder (movement or someone or something in motion): they had to alter the course of the stream and obstruct the natural flow of the water. ∎  block (someone's view): the view of the driver had been obstructed by the bend in the road. ∎ fig. put difficulties in the way of: fears that the regime would obstruct the distribution of food. ∎  Law commit the offense of intentionally hindering (a legal process). ∎  (in various sports) impede (a player on the opposing team) in a manner that constitutes an offense.DERIVATIVES: ob·struc·tor / -tər/ n.

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