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nom·i·nate • v. / ˈnäməˌnāt/ [tr.] 1. propose or formally enter as a candidate for election or for an honor or award: the film was nominated for several Oscars. ∎  appoint to a job or position: the company nominated her as a delegate to the convention.2. specify (something) formally, typically the date or place for an event: a day was nominated for the exchange of contracts.• adj. / -nit/ Zool. & Bot. denoting a race or subspecies that is given the same epithet as the species to which it belongs, for example, Homo sapiens sapiens.DERIVATIVES: nom·i·na·tor / -ˌnātər/ n.ORIGIN: late Middle English (as an adjective in the sense ‘named’): from Latin nominat- ‘named,’ from the verb nominare, from nomen, nomin- ‘a name.’ The verb senses are first found in English in the 16th cent.

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