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ma·ture / məˈchoŏr; -ˈt(y)oŏr/ • adj. (-tur·er, -tur·est) 1. fully developed physically; full-grown: she was now a mature woman owls are sexually mature at one year. ∎  having reached an advanced stage of mental or emotional development characteristic of an adult: a young man mature beyond his years. ∎  (of thought or planning) careful and thorough: on mature reflection he decided they should not go. ∎  used euphemistically to describe someone as being middle-aged or old: Miss Walker was a mature lady when she married. ∎  (of a style) fully developed: Van Gogh's mature work. ∎  (of a plant or planted area) complete in natural development: mature trees. ∎  (of certain foodstuffs or drinks) ready for consumption.2. denoting an economy, industry, or market that has developed to a point where substantial expansion and investment no longer takes place.3. (of a bill) due for payment.• v. [intr.] 1. (of a person or animal) become physically mature: children mature at different ages she matured into a woman. ∎  develop fully: the trees take at least thirty years to mature. ∎  (of a person) reach an advanced stage of mental or emotional development: men mature as they grow older. ∎  (with reference to certain foodstuffs or drinks) become or cause to become ready for consumption: [intr.] leave the cheese to mature | [tr.] the Scotch is matured for a minimum of three years. 2. (of an insurance policy, security, etc.) reach the end of its term and hence become payable.DERIVATIVES: ma·ture·ly adv.