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live·ly / ˈlīvlē/ • adj. (live·li·er , live·li·est ) full of life and energy; active and outgoing: she joined a lively team of reporters. ∎  (of a place or atmosphere) full of activity and excitement: Barcelona's many lively bars. ∎  intellectually stimulating or perceptive: a lively discussion her lively mind. ∎  having a quick, bouncy tempo: the violinist struck up a lively tune. ∎  (of a vessel) buoyant and responsive in a sea. PHRASES: look lively (or alive) [usu. in imperative] inf. move more quickly and energetically: “Look lively, men!” Charlie shouted.DERIVATIVES: live·li·ly / -ləlē/ adv. live·li·ness n.

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