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in·te·ri·or / inˈti(ə)rēər/ • adj. 1. situated within or inside; relating to the inside; inner: the interior lighting is not adequate. ∎  (interior to) chiefly technical situated further in or within: the layer immediately interior to the epidermis. ∎  drawn, photographed, etc., within a building: a light that is ideal for every interior shot.2. remote from the coast or frontier; inland: the interior jungle regions. ∎  relating to internal or domestic affairs: the Interior Department.3. existing or taking place in the mind or soul; mental: an interior monologue.• n. (usu. the interior) 1. the inner or indoor part of something, esp. a building; the inside: six men painting the outside of her house and three men painting the interior. ∎  an artistic representation of the inside of a building or room: a few still lifes, interiors, and landscapes.2. the inland part of a country or region: the plains of the interior. ∎  the internal affairs of a country: the Department of the Interior.DERIVATIVES: in·te·ri·or·ize / -ˌrīz/·te·ri·or·ly adv.