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hoard / hôrd/ • n. a stock or store of money or valued objects, typically one that is secret or carefully guarded: he came back to rescue his little hoard of gold. ∎  an ancient store of coins or other valuable artifacts: a hoard of Romano-British bronzes. ∎  an amassed store of useful information or facts, retained for future use: a hoard of secret information about his work.• v. [tr.] amass (money or valued objects) and hide or store away: thousands of antiques hoarded by a compulsive collector. ∎  accumulate a supply of (something) in a time of scarcity: many of the boat people had hoarded rations. ∎  reserve in the mind for future use: [as adj.] (hoarded) a year's worth of hoarded resentments and grudges. DERIVATIVES: hoard·er n.

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