Hoban, Russell

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HOBAN, Russell

HOBAN, Russell. American, b. 1925. Genres: Novels, Science fiction/Fantasy, Children's fiction, Songs/Lyrics and libretti. Career: Freelance writer and illustrator. Publications: What Does It Do and How Does It Work, 1959; The Atomic Submarine, 1960; Bedtime for Frances, 1960; Herman the Loser, 1961; London Men and English Men, 1962; The Song in My Drum, 1962; Some Snow Said Hello, 1963; The Sorely Trying Day, 1964; A Baby Sister for Frances, 1964; Nothing to Do, 1964; Bread and Jam for Frances, 1964; Tom and the Two Handles, 1965; The Story of Hester Mouse, 1965; What Happened When Jack and Daisy Tried to Fool the Tooth Fairies, 1966; Goodnight, 1966; Henry and the Monstrous Din, 1966; The Little Brute Family, 1966; Save My Place, 1967; Charlie the Tramp, 1967; The Mouse and His Child, 1967; Birthday for Frances, 1968; The Pedaling Man and Other Poems, 1968; The Stone Doll of Sister Brute, 1968; Harvey's Hideout, 1969; (with S. Selig) Ten What? 1974; How to Beat Captain Najork and His Hired Sportsmen, 1974; Kleinzeit (adult novel), 1974; Turtle Diary (adult novel), 1975; Dinner at Alberta's, 1975; A Near Thing for Captain Najork, 1975; (with S. Selig) Crocodile and Pierrot, 1975; The Dancing Tigers, 1978; Arthur's New Power, 1978; The Twenty-Elephant Restaurant, 1978; La Corona and the Tin Frog, 1979; Riddley Walker (adult novel), 1980; Flat Cat, 1980; Ace Dragon Ltd., 1980; The Serpent Tower, 1981; The Great Fruit Gum Robbery, 1981; They Came from Aargh!, 1981; The Battle of Zormla, 1982; The Flight of Bembel Rudzuk, 1982; Pilgermann (adult novel), 1983; Ponders, 4 vols., 1983-84; The Rain Door, 1986; The Marzipan Pig, 1986; The Medusa Frequency (adult novel), 1987; Ponders, 1988; Monsters, 1989; Jim Hedgehog's Supernatural Christmas, 1989; Jim Hedgehog and the Lonesome Tower, 1990; Monsters, 1990; Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas, 1992; The Moment under the Moment (adult novel), 1992; A Bargain for Frances, 1992; I Thought I'd Take My Rat to School: Poems from September to June, 1993; M.O.L.E., 1993; Egg Thoughts and Other Frances Songs, 1994; The Court of the Winged Serpent, 1994; The Second Mrs. Kong (libretto), 1994; Best Friends for Frances, 1994; Fremder, 1996; The Trokeville Way, 1996; The Sea-Thing Child, 1999; Trouble on Thunder Mountain, 2000; Jim's Lion, 2001; Angelica's Grotto (novel), 2001; Her Name Was Lola, 2003. Address: c/o David Higham Associates, Ltd., 5-8 Lower John St, Golden Sq, London W1F 9HA, England.