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here / hi(ə)r/ • adv. 1. in, at, or to this place or position: they have lived here most of their lives come here and let me look at them | [after prep.] I'm getting out of here it's too hot in here. ∎  used when pointing or gesturing to indicate the place in mind: sign here I have here a letter from the chief of police. ∎  used to draw attention to someone or something that has just arrived: here's my brother here comes the bus. ∎  used to indicate one's role in a particular situation: I'm here to help you we're not here to mess around. ∎  used to refer to existence in the world in general: what are we all doing here?2. (usu. here is/are) used when introducing something or someone: here's a dish that is simple and quick to make here's what you have to do. ∎  used when giving something to someone: here's the money I promised you here is my address.3. used when indicating a time or situation that has arrived or is happening: here is your opportunity here comes summer. ∎  used to refer to a particular point or aspect reached in an argument, situation, or activity: here lies the key to the recovery here we encounter the main problem.• interj. 1. used to attract someone's attention: here, let me hold it.2. indicating one's presence in a roll call.PHRASES: here and now at this very moment; at the present time: we're going to settle this here and now | [as n.] our obsession with the here and now. here and there in various places: small bushes scattered here and goes an expression indicating that one is about to start something difficult or's to someone/something used to wish health or success before drinking: here's to us! here's to your safe today, gone tomorrow soon over or forgotten; we are said on arrival at one's we go again said to indicate that the same events, typically undesirable ones, are recurring.neither here nor there of no importance or relevance.

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