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far·thest / ˈfär[voicedth]ist/ (also fur·thest) • used as superlative of far.• adj. situated at the greatest distance from a specified or understood point: fig. it was the farthest thing from my mind. ∎  covering the greatest area or distance: his record for the farthest flight. ∎  extremely remote: the farthest ends of the earth.• adv. 1. at or by the greatest distance (used to indicate how far one thing or person is or becomes distant from another): the bed farthest from the window.2. over the greatest distance or area: his group probably had farthest to ride fig. the areas where prices have fallenthe farthest. ∎  used to indicate the most distant point reached in a specified direction: the farthest north. ∎  to the most extreme or advanced point: the farthest he'll go is to admit a sort of resentment.PHRASES: at the farthest at the greatest distance; at most.