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DC Music da capo (Italian: from the head; i.e. repeat from the beginning)
• Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul
• death certificate
• (or DC.) Botany de Candolle (indicating the author of a species, etc.)
• decimal currency
• (Italy) Democrazia Cristiana (Christian Democratic Party)
• (USA) Dental Corps
depth charge
• Deputy Chief
• Deputy Commissioner
• Deputy Consul
• Deputy Counsel
• Detective Constable
• Computing device coordinates
• diagnostic centre
• diplomatic corps
• Physics direct current
Disarmament Conference
Disciples of Christ
• District Commissioner
• district council
• district court
• District of Columbia (abbrev. or postcode)
• Doctor of Chiropractic
• Commerce documents (against) cash
• Douglas Commercial (aircraft, as in DC1O)
• Theatre down centre (of stage)
• Physics drift chamber
• British vehicle registration for Middlesbrough