DC 9/11: Time of Crisis

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DC 9/11: Time of Crisis ★★ The Big Dance 2004 (R)

Retelling of the horrific terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington D.C. while providing a supposed behind-the-scenes view of the reaction of President Bush (played by Bottoms) and his administration. Undoubtedly will cause debates between those who see this as a vehicle to inflate the president's image and combat Michael Moore's flogging in “Fahrenheit 9/11” and others who consider it as fact. Let's remember it's a made for TV flick. 127m/C VHS, DVD . Timothy Bottoms, John Cunningham, James Carroll, Greg Ellwand, Lawrence Pressman, Stephen Macht, Gregory Itzin, Penny Johnson, Myron Nat-wick, Andrew Gillies, Bobby Johnston, Debra McGrath, David McIlwraith, Brian Rhodes, Allan Royal, Greg Spottiswood, George Takei, Roger Barnes, Geoffrey Bowes, Dom(enico) Fiore, Chris Gillet, Thomas Hauff, Howard Jerome, Doug Lennox, Gerry Mendicino, Mary Gordon Murray, David Wolos-Fonteno; D: Brian Trenchard-Smith; W: Lionel Chetwynd; C: Ousama Rawi; M: Lawrence Shragge. TV