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af·firm·a·tive / əˈfərmətiv/ • adj. agreeing with a statement or to a request: an affirmative answer. ∎  (of a vote) expressing approval or agreement. ∎  supportive, hopeful, or encouraging: the music's natural buoyancy and affirmative character. ∎  active or obligatory: an affirmative duty to stop crime ∎  Gram. & Logic stating that a fact is so; making an assertion.Contrasted with interrogative and negative.• n. a statement of agreement with an assertion or request: he accepted her reply as an affirmative. ∎  (the affirmative) a position of agreement or confirmation: his answer veered toward the affirmative. ∎  Gram. a word or particle used in making assertions. ∎ Logic a statement asserting that something is true of the subject of a proposition.• interj. expressing agreement with a statement or request; yes.PHRASES: in the affirmative so as to accept or agree to a statement or request.DERIVATIVES: af·firm·a·tive·ly adv.