1783-1815: The Arts: Publications

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1783-1815: The Arts: Publications

Asher Benjamin, The Country Builders Assistant (Greenfield, Mass.: Printed by Thomas Dickman, 1797)the first American architectural pattern book, written by a prominent New England architect to provide builders in rural areas with diagrams and precise measurements for architectural details of styles used by contemporary architects in American cities; this influential book went through several editions, as did Benjamins next book, The American Builders Companion (1806);

William Dunlap, The Life of Charles Brockden Brown, 2 volumes (Philadelphia: Published by James P. Parke, 1815)the first biography of the first American professional novelist, by the Father of the American Theater;

Charles Willson Peale, A Descriptive Catalogue of Mr. Peales Exhibition of Perspective Views, with Changeable Effects (Philadelphia, 1785)catalogue of Peaks moving-picture exhibition;

Peale and others, Constituion of the Columbianum (Philadelphia, 1795)constitution of the short-lived fine-arts academy founded in Philadelphia in 1795;

Report of a committee of the assembly of Pennsylvania, American Museum, 5 (1789): 185190recommendation that Lewis Hallam and John Henry be licensed to operate a theater in Philadelphia, thus repealing the Philadelphia antitheater law of 1786, and appended petitions arguing for and against the measure;

John Trumbull, A Catalogue of Colonel Trumbulls Paintings, New Exhibiting at the Theatre, New York (New York: Printed by Sage & Clough, 1804)catalogue for the first public exhibit of Old Master paintings in the United States, works from artist John Trumbulls collection, shown with a few paintings by him.

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1783-1815: The Arts: Publications

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1783-1815: The Arts: Publications