Camden, Battle of

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CAMDEN, BATTLE OF, American Revolutionary battle taking place 16 August 1780. Following General Benjamin Lincoln's defeat and capture at Charleston, South Carolina, General Horatio Gates was given command of the American army in the southern department, consisting of 1,400 regulars and 2,052 unseasoned militia. Marching southward from Hillsboro, North Carolina, Gates met an army of two thousand British veterans under Lord Charles Cornwallis near Camden, South Carolina, early in the morning of 16 August. At the first attack, the militia fled. The regulars, standing their ground, were surrounded and almost annihilated. The Americans lost 2,000 killed, wounded, and captured; 7 cannon; 2,000 muskets; and their transport. The British loss was only 324. Gates fled to Hillsboro and vainly attempted to rally his demoralized army. On 2 December he was replaced by Nathanael Greene. Many Americans fled to the swamps and mountains and carried on guerrilla warfare.


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Camden, battle of

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Camden, battle of, 1780. In December 1779 Clinton took an expedition from New York to South Carolina in the hope of drawing on loyalist support. In May 1780 Charleston was captured with 6,000 rebel prisoners. Clinton then handed over to Cornwallis. A counter-thrust by De Kalb and Gates from North Carolina was met at Camden on 16 August. Though Cornwallis was heavily outnumbered, the Americans were routed and De Kalb killed.

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