Battle in Heaven

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Battle in Heaven ★★ Batalla En El Cielo 2005

Set in Mexico, Marcos (Hernandez) is a general's chauffeur whose life collapses around him when the baby he and his wife kidnapped for ransom unexpectedly dies. He seeks out Ana (Mushkadiz)—the general's daughter and a prostitute in her spare time—to ease his pain. She in turn entrusts Marcos, her driver since she was a young child, with her secret life. For some, this is cutting edge art house material that lays bare the lives of Mexico's haves and havenots; others may view the nonprofessional actors and blandly graphic sex scenes as a big yawn. 94m/C DVD . Marcos Hernandez, Anapola Mushkadiz, Berta Ruiz, David Bornstien, Rosalinda Ramirez, El Abuelo; D: Carlos Reygadas; W: Carlos Reygadas; C: Diego Martinez Vignatti; M: John Tavener, Marcha Cordobesa.

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Battle in Heaven

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