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netball is derived from basketball, which was invented in America in 1891, and introduced into Britain in 1895. It made rapid progress since it was particularly suitable for girls at a time of expanding female education. The national game is controlled by the All-England Women's Netball Association, founded in 1926. The International Federation of Women's Netball Associations was established in 1960. One of the best advertisements for the game is the lunchtime contests by office staff in Lincoln's Inn Fields, London.

J. A. Cannon

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netball Seven-a-side ball game. Invented in 1891, it is a variant of basketball. Only two players of each team are allowed in the shooting circle at goal, which is the same size and height as in basketball but without a backboard. The game dates from the 1980s, and is played chiefly in the English-speaking countries and the Commonwealth.