Warwick, Edward Plantagenet, 2nd earl of

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Warwick, Edward Plantagenet, 2nd earl of (1475–99). Warwick's father was George, duke of Clarence (brother of Edward IV and Richard III), who was murdered when Warwick was 3. His mother was a daughter of Warwick the Kingmaker. On the death of his only son in 1484, Richard III is said to have considered Warwick as a possible heir. After Henry VII's victory at Bosworth, he was placed in the Tower. In 1487 Lambert Simnel claimed to be him and was crowned in Dublin, whereupon Warwick was taken publicly to St Paul's to quell the rumours. He remained in the Tower until November 1499 when he was accused of conspiring with Perkin Warbeck and executed.

J. A. Cannon