Townshend, George

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Townshend, George (1724–1807). George Townshend, elder brother of Charles, had a distinguished military and political career. An army officer, he was second in command to Wolfe in Canada and took over when Wolfe was killed. He succeeded as viscount in 1764 and from 1767 to 1772 was lord-lieutenant of Ireland. During this time he tried to free the castle from the undertaker system and made important concessions to the Irish Parliament. On his return, he was master of the ordnance throughout the rest of North's ministry and held the post again in 1783 under the coalition. He was out of office after 1784 though he became marquis in 1786 and was promoted field marshal in 1796. His brother was a brilliant mimic: George Townshend was an equally brilliant amateur caricaturist.

J. A. Cannon