Limerick, diocese of

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Limerick, diocese of (diocese of Luimnech). The Irish see of Limerick was first named as such at the Council of Raithbressail (1111), though its first bishop Gilli was elected in 1106. As Limerick was originally a Norse settlement and thus important for Anglo-Norman colonization, Gilli had strong contact with Canterbury, was papal legate for 28 years, and presided over the Council of Raithbressail (1111). Though situated in western Ireland, Limerick's association with Canterbury enabled it to have Anglo-French bishops from the early 13th cent. It is now the seat of both Catholic and Anglican bishops. There are two cathedrals. St Mary's (Anglican) has much 15th-cent. work and a 12th-cent. west doorway. Its oak choir-stalls with misericords are unusual in Ireland. St John's catholic cathedral is 19th cent.

Revd Dr William M. Marshall