Kilmore, diocese of

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Kilmore, diocese of (diocese of Cell Mór). This Irish see, in Armagh province, was first named Ardagh and then Kells at the Council of Kells-Mellifont (1152). The northern part of Co. Meath was absorbed into the Meath diocese (1152) and later, when the bishop of Kells was expelled (c.1185) by the bishop of Meath, the see of Kells was abolished. The territorial struggles between lordships confused loyalties so that in c.1453 the pope agreed to the obscure parish church of Kilmore on the borders being raised to cathedral status. Later the see was merged with Elphin and Ardagh (1841). It is still a diocese in both catholic and Anglican churches. The Anglican cathedral is 19th cent. with a fine Romanesque doorway. William Bedell (Anglican bishop 1629–42) reputedly made the first translation of the Bible into Irish.

Revd Dr William M. Marshall